February 25, 2018
Northwestern Home Page
720 E. Wisconsin Ave.
Milwaukee, WI 53202
(414) 665-3423
24 Hour Account Info.
(800) 508-9670

Board of Directors

Ron Thelen Chair
Jonathan Sternberg Vice Chair
Ryan Fleming Treasurer
Chris Hohner Secretary
Lucy Wichtoski Assistant Secretary
Stephanie Bromley Director
Lee Geronime Director
Brian McDonald Director
Margaret Lusiba-Johnson Director
David Perez Director
Tim Sternberg Director


Downtown Office
Scott Bliss 665-3396 President
Michelle Holliday 665-3305 Member Services Manager
Erna Wilde 665-6221 Loan Officer
Jeanne Lien 665-3145 Loans
Joshua Llanas 665-6346 Customer Service
Karen Kirk 665-6968 Customer Service
Stephanie Rothe 665-8348 Customer Service
Niki Hayek 665-3258 Customer Service
Franklin Office
Joe Bukowski 661-3431 Vice President
Bonnie Baker 661-7489 Accounting
Nicky Hammernik 661-7828 Accounting
Dan Kuhry 661-6641 Loan Officer
Lisa Holmes 661-7308 Loans
Nicole Spangler 661-3137 Customer Service
Kristin Klappenbach 661-6284 Customer Service
Danielle Long 661-6590 Customer Service
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