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What to Expect when you Receive a Fraud Detection Call

Did you receive an automated call verifying a transaction on your account?

Here’s what you need to know.

  1. We use an external debit card monitoring system to ensure real time tracking and security.
  2. They will never ask you to list any transactions made on your account. They will list a transaction, and you will only need to confirm YES OR NO.
  3. They will never ask you for personal identification information other than your zip code to confirm identify.
  4. If a voicemail has been left asking you to confirm a transaction(s), please call the number listed to confirm.

Your security is important to us! If you ever have any questions regarding your account, do not hesitate to call us directly at 414-665-3423.

Traveling? Let Us Know!

If you’re traveling, please submit your plans in our mobile app, stop in the branch or give us a call at 414-665-3423 and let us know where you’re going, and what dates so we can update your debit card profile. If we do not have a valid cell phone number on file for you, be sure to let us know so we can update it.

Please note: Our fraud monitoring system may still attempt to contact you to verify transactions outside of your normal purchase patterns while you are traveling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Electronic Funds Transfers FAQs

  • Can I make a stop payment on an Automated Clearing House (ACH) transaction?
    Yes, you can make a ONE-TIME or PERMANENT stop payment on our system. The one-time stop payment will only stop the next payment that comes through for the merchant. The Permanent stop payment will stop all future payments from the merchant from coming through. Additional
    documentation is required for a permanent stop – See Below.
  • What is the fee for an ACH stop payment?
    $15 – this fee is for both ONE-TIME and PERMANENT
  • What form do I need to fill out for a PERMANENT ACH stop payment?
    You must complete the ACH stop payment form and we must receive a copy of the letter you sent to the merchant to revoke authorization.
  • What form do I need to fill out for a ONE TIME ACH stop payment?
    You must complete the ACH stop payment form
  • If an ACH transaction already posted to my account, can I still perform a stop payment?
    No. A stop payment needs to be on the system before the live transaction comes through.
  • How do I dispute an ACH transaction?
    If an ACH transaction is unauthorized, the Written Statement of Unauthorized Debit (WSUD) form needs to be filled out and signed by you.
  • Is there a minimum/maximum amount for Outgoing Wire Transfers?
  • Is there a minimum/maximum amount for Credit Card Cash Advances?

Lending FAQs

  • I just submitted a loan application online; when can I expect to hear back from a loan representative?
    The loan processor will email you on the same day or next business day.
  • What is the minimum advance amount on my Kwik Cash Loan?
  • What is the minimum advance amount on my HELOC?
  • What is the minimum payment amount on a HELOC?
    $15 or 1.5% of the outstanding balance in the month of an advance.
  • What is the minimum payment amount on a Kwik Cash?
    $15 or 3% of the outstanding balance in the month of an advance.
  • Can I use my Kwik Cash or HELOC loan to fund my checking account for Overdraft Protection?
    Yes. Stop in the credit union to have a member service representative set it up in the system.
  • If I pay off my loan, will my payroll deduction automatically stop?
    No, please stop in to the credit union to update your payroll deductions.
  • If I take a loan advance, will my monthly loan payment change?
  • When will it change?
    The payment will be recalculated on the last day of the month that an advance was taken.
  • Will my payroll deduction/automatic transfer be updated on its own if my payment amount changes?
    No. Stop in at the credit union to update your payroll deduction if the current amount will not cover the new payment amount.
  • Does NMCU offer 1st Mortgage loans?
    Yes. We offer refinances of existing 1st mortgages and purchase transactions. If you’re is looking for a 30 year fixed mortgage, please contact AmeriCU Mortgage contact Matt Simmons – 414-443-7130 or
  • If I leave NM, do I need to close my deposit account(s) and do I need to pay off my loan(s)?
    No, unless you are restricted from NM campus. However, repayment terms on your loan will remain the same until the loan is paid in full.
  • Is there a prepayment penalty on any of my NMCU loan products?

Online Banking FAQs

  • If I am a new member, how do I enroll in Virtual Branch?
    Enroll as a new user - enter your account number and use the last 4 digits of your SSN as your security code (password). It will then walk you through the new enrollment process.
  • Can I change my Virtual Branch logon ID & password?
    Yes. Once you are logged into Virtual Branch, click on the Self Service tab. In the “Security Information” box, there are options to change the Logon ID and Security code (password).
  • How do I enroll in Bill Pay?
    Log into Virtual Branch and click on the Bill Pay tab.
  • What is the fee for Bill Pay?
    Bill Pay is free to our members!
  • What should I do if I’m having trouble accessing E-Statements?
    Turn off your pop-up blockers. E-Statements will be available the month after enrollment.

Debit Card / ATM FAQs

  • My debit card is about to expire; when can I expect to receive a new one?
    You can expect your debit card to arrive mid-month in the month your card is set to expire.
  • How long can I use my debit card before it expires?
    The debit card can be used until the last day of the month that the card expires. If the expiration date on a card says 09/22 – this card is good until September 30, 2022.
  • What are the spending/withdrawal limits on my debit card?
    The daily limits are as follows: ATM - $700, POS - $2500, E-Debit (credit) - $2500
  • Am I allowed to raise my spending/withdrawal limit?
    Yes, we are able to temporarily raise your withdrawal limit. In order to reduce potential losses, we do not allow permanently raised limits.
  • How long does it take to increase my debit card limits for a large transaction?
    Approximately 10 minutes. Please direct limit changes to the Debit card team ASAP.
  • Why am I only allowed 10 free pin-based transactions each month?
    To minimize our processing costs, we always encourage our members to select credit when possible when making a purchase.
  • I just ordered a new debit card; when will I receive it?
    7-10 business days.
  • Why didn’t I receive a PIN with my new debit card?
    You are able to choose your own PIN when activating the card.
  • Can I place a stop payment on a debit card transaction?
    No. Once a transaction is authorized through the debit card system, we are unable to place a stop payment on the transaction.
  • Who do I call if my card was lost or stolen?
    During business hours you can call the Credit Union at 414-665-3423. After hours call 1-800-472-3272.
  • What do I need to do if I want to use my card while I’m traveling out of town?
    Stop in or call the credit union; we will place a travel alert on the account.
  • Is there a Foreign Transaction Fee for my Debit Card usage?
    Yes, the fee is 1% of the transaction amount. This applies to making an international ATM withdrawal or debit card purchase.
  • Is there a fee to order a replacement card?
    Yes. The fee for a replacement card is $10.00.
  • I reported my debit card as lost. Can my spouse continue to use his/her card until the new card arrives?
    If the spouse’s card number is the same, no. Once the card has been lost, we close down the entire record (primary and joint card numbers are the same). This would help any fraud from taking place on the account.
  • What is the range of funds that can be loaded on a VISA Gift Card or VISA Travel Card?
    VISA Gift Card: Minimum $10.00 – Maximum $1,000.00
    VISA Travel Card: Minimum $100.00 – Maximum $5,000.00
  • How do I get the limit on my NMCU Credit Card increased?
    Credit Card underwriting and processing is outsourced to Elan Financial Services. Please call them at 800-558-3424 with any questions.

Member Services FAQs

  • Who is eligible for membership with NMCU?
    The employees and retirees of Northwestern Mutual and their immediate family members. Immediate family members include: spouse, parents, children, siblings, step-parents, step-children and grandparents of each person eligible for membership.
  • I just got married/divorced; how do I change my name?
    Provide the marriage certificate or updated driver’s license to the Credit Union. The name change will be updated in the system and new account documents will need to be signed.
  • Can I add a Power of Attorney to my account?
    Yes. The member and the Power of Attorney will need to be present to complete the Account Ownership Agreement form(s). POA will then be listed in our system as an authorized signer.
  • Does NMCU offer custodial/minor accounts?
    We typically open regular accounts for children with a parent as co-owner. If a member requests a custodial account, we will open these as well.
  • What types of checks will not be accepted for deposit?
    Third party checks
    Checks payable to a business or a club if the organization does not have an account in its name
    Checks with missing endorsements
  • What is the minimum withdrawal amount on my 1500 club account?
  • Is there a hold on funds deposited at a Shared Service Center?
    Cash deposits are available immediately. Check deposits have a 2 business day hold. $200 will be available the next business day, and the remaining amount is available 2 business days after the deposit.
  • Can I change my address over the phone or online?
    Address changes may be completed by logging into your Virtual Branch, or by stopping into the credit union to fill out an Address Change form. Address changes cannot take place over the phone.
  • Do you charge for teller-assisted phone transfers?
  • What is the maximum cash amount I can withdraw from my account without notifying the credit union?
    We try to accommodate all cash withdrawal requests. Depending on vault balances, significant withdrawals may require advance notice.
  • Can I cash a check for my family member who doesn’t have an account here?
    Spouse or dependent children only, but some exceptions may apply.
  • Do you accept third party checks signed over to me?
  • What is the fee for a non-member to cash a check?
    There is a $10 fee for any non-member, non-NM Employee to cash a check.
  • Can non-members who are NM employees cash checks?
    Yes. We will cash their own personal check up to $300.
  • What types of transactions can I do at a Shared Service Center?
    Deposits, withdrawals, loan payments, loan advances, and transfers.
  • Can I get a cashier’s check at a Shared Service Center?
    Yes, however, fees may apply.
  • Can I have more than one checking account?
    We do offer a second checking account with a $5.00 per month fee.
  • Can I have more than one membership?
    Generally, one membership is allowed per person. Exceptions may be made by management.
  • Am I able to change, stop, increase or decrease my payroll deduction at anytime?
    You may make changes to your deduction but they will not take effect immediately – they will be processed with the next payroll period depending on the time of the month you are making the change.
  • If I need to stop multiple checks, how much is the stop payment fee?
  • How does Courtesy Pay work?
    Items honored by drawing the account negative will be charged a fee equal to that charged for returned items. If an item would cause the account to be overdrawn in an amount exceeding $100, the item will be returned NSF. Eligible sources of overdraft protection include: savings accounts, 1500 Club accounts, Kwik Cash and HELOC loans
  • How does Overdraft Protection work?
    For all memberships, the primary savings account will be set up as an overdraft protection source unless the member chooses to decline all overdraft protection. Members may also opt to add additional overdraft protection sources as listed above. Overdraft protection transfers are subject to minimum withdrawal or advance amounts for each savings or loan type. Transfer amounts will cover the item(s) plus any fees that would be assessed on the account.

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