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Effective as of: October 1, 2020
Account TypeDividend RateAPYMinimum Balance
Free Classic Checking0.10%0.10%None
Free Kasasa Cash Checking*
$0 - $10,0002.95%3.00%None
Balance above $10,0000.50%0.50%None
1500 Club - Money Market0.60%0.60%$1,500
Holiday Club0.60%0.60%$5
Share or IRA Certificate - 1 year0.45%0.45%$1,000
Share or IRA Certificate - 18 months0.55%0.55%$1,000
Share or IRA Certificate - 2 years0.65%0.65%$1,000
I.R.A. Savings0.40%0.40%$5
APY means Annual Percentage Yield. All rates are subject to change.

*When your Kasasa Cash account qualifications are met during a Monthly Qualification Cycle, average daily balances up to and including $10,000 in your Kasasa Cash account earn a dividend rate of 2.95% resulting in an APY of 3.00%; and average daily balances over $10,000 earn a dividend rate of 0.50% on the portion of the average daily balance over $10,000, resulting in a range from 3.00% to 0.50% APY depending on the account's average daily balance. When your Kasasa Cash qualifications are not met, the dividend rate earned on the account's entire average daily balance will be 0.05% resulting in an annual percentage yield of 0.05% and ATM withdrawal fees are not refunded.


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